I’m With The Band

Handcrafted and handmade with love in LA, the gal behind I'm With The Band, Kailee, started with a vision to combine all the things She loves (music, fashion, health and well-being) into one and make it something rad and tangible. Kailee is super inspired by the music, culture, fashion and attitude of the 60s and 70s. A lot of the bands are named as an homage to her favorite rock stars, icons and muses. Kailee’s goal is to do what she loves and is so passionate about and to spread light, love, positivity and good vibes while doing it. Her vision is to grow I'm With The Band into a lifestyle brand with meaningful offerings that inspire people, nurture the human spirit and that's able to give back to things she believes in and care deeply about. All IWTB goods are lovingly made in Los Angeles, California. People are treated with kindness, paid fair wages and a part of the team and mission! Kailee carefully source all of my fabrics for the highest quality and comfort, all with the environment and leaving the lightest footprint possible in mind. Many of my pieces are made from recycled, deadstock, and remnant materials, making them sustainable and super limited edition, too. She does this to bring these magical fabrics back to life and to make them special and exciting for the babes that snag these unique pieces. 

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