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Dagger Dangle Hoop Earring
Dagger Dangle Hoop Earring

Samanca Jewelry

Dagger Dangle Hoop Earring

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Our Dagger Dangle Hoop Earring represents unity, wholeness, and infinity. There is no beginning and no end. The circle is a universal symbol they represent a cycle of time, the cycle of life. It also represents never ending love. These 14k gold filled dagger hoops from Samanca are so cool and have a little edge.  Hoop carries a spike and a few little baubles of Herkimer Diamonds and Crystals. Makes for a perfect gift for yourself or someone special!

  • 14k Gold with Herkimer Diamond and triangle Crystal 
  • 3” length 
  • Made in California 

Each handmade piece of Samanca Jewelry is sourced from natural gemstones and precious metals. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California, Samanca jewelry is inspired by her travels, beach living, human connection, the light within each of us, and the road less traveled. I carefully select unique pendants and heirlooms all over the world to ensure each item is unique and special.