Rhinestone Outlaw Bandanas

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Ready for your new favorite accessory? Our Bleach and Distressed Rhinestone Fringe Outlaw Bandanas are perfect for themed bach bash, concerts or any occasion! Pair it with your favorite flannel or shirt for the perfect Nashville Bachelorette, Stagecoach or Coachella.

Handmade, tie-dye western print bandana with rhinestone fringe. **Each bandana is hand dyed so variations and slight imperfections (ex: lighter/darker spots, bleached out areas hole) are to be expected. It just adds to the uniqueness handmade treasure that these are!


  • 100% cotton pre-shrunk and hand dyed, faded and dyed to perfection
  • Bandanas are approx.  20" x 20” inches and fringe hangs down approx 4.75” bling fringe (although some may be smaller due to washing)
  • Rhinestones attached with adhesive as well as hand sewn.
  • Wear bandana tied around your neck or around your body as a top!
  • Also available without the rhinestone!!

Available in a variety of colors: Blush Pink, Peach Grey, Yellow, Burnt Orange, Red, Blue, and Black.

It is recommended to spot treat bandanas for cleaning. It is also recommended to steam out wrinkles.