About Us

Waylon and Willie Boutique is a small business based in Reno, Nevada. 
A Boutique created for The Wild and Free Souls as well as those individuals searching for one of a kind, handmade items created by local artists and myself. My goal is to provide timeless pieces that will be in your closet or home for a lifetime. I stand behind quality products, made ethically and locally. I separate myself from the world of "fast fashion" and believe in workers earning a fair wage. I support sweatshop free production and believe that quality production is better than mass production.

Since opening Waylon and Willie in 2017 I have been able to combine all things I love, hair, music, fashion and well-being into one and make it something rad and tangible.

Stay in touch and follow my journey along with my new brand Smoke n Whiskey.
You can find W+W and Smoke n Whiskey on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook