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These delicate earrings are incredibly soft to the touch. Gold-color or Copper chains peak out between the feathers to add texture. Each pair Is unique and one of a kind. No two pairs will be the same.
Coque feathers are from unique roosters that grow these exceptionally long feathers and shed them once a year. No animals are harmed. Sustainably sourced in the USA.
Perfect to pair with your favorite sundress or swimwear. Feathers can get wet and will be just fine.

  • Made in in USA
  • Handmade item
  • Earwires are 14K Goldfill
  • Length ranges from 5" to 6" total Length: 5 Inches; Drop length: 5 Inches; Width:25 Inches
  • Materials: Gold or Sliver Chains, Goldfill Earwires, Skinny Grizzly Feathers, Skinny Furnace Feathers

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